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  • The website of (www.Hasthifootwear.com) has content that is internet-based. It’s a portal of e-commerce that is owned and run by Priyanka Shoe Industry a legitimate company.


  • You can use the Website based on your complete acceptance of all the terms and conditions along with the notices included in the Terms, which are regularly posted on our website. Hasthi reserves the right of not accepting the registration of any user without assigning any reason.

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to their Customers

The website provides many services that are Internet-based through the site (all these services are collectively called the ‘Service’). One of these services empowers users to buy original merchandise like accessories and footwear from diverse brands (collectively called ‘Products’). After you place the order, the product shall be shipped to you and then it is entitled to the payment for these Services.
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Terms & Condition

Do read these terms & conditions (Terms) carefully. You must accept and comply with all these terms before you use the provided service.

You must only subscribe to our services once you have read and understood the terms and know that you’re now bound by them. The way you subscribe to any service of ours or use it is inconsequential, so once you’ve subscribed you’re bound by our company conditions.

An end user is the one who gains access to our website, the contents and uses the offered services. This end user shall be indicated by the usage of the words ‘user’ or simply ’you’. The third party providers of service who are independent are called the ‘Service Providers’. ‘We’, ‘our’ and ‘us’ denote the (www.Hasthifootwear.com) and the affiliates of the same.

Privacy Policy


Hereby, the user expresses his consent and agrees to reading and understanding our Privacy Policy in respect to the website. The user also consents that all the terms as well as the contents of this Privacy Policy are fully acceptable.

Limited User:

User agrees and also undertakes not to reverse, modify, engineer, copy, transmit, distribute, display, perform, publish, license, reproduce, create works that are derivative from, transfer/sell any part of information or any software that is acquired from the site. Limited reproduction of the website’s content and copying it is allowed only if ‘Hasthi’ is called the source. Also, you need our written permission ‘before’ doing this. It is again made clear to you that wholesale or unlimited reproduction or copying of content for any purpose- non-commercial or commercial and unwarranted changes of information and data within the website’s content is not allowed.

User Rules and Conduct:

You consent and undertake to the usage of Website and its Service to upload and post proper material. You consent and also undertake that whenever you use a service, you won’t:

  • Defame, abuse, stalk, harass, threaten or violate others’ legal rights;
  • Publish, post, distribute, upload or disseminate inappropriate, defamatory, profane, infringing, obscene, unlawful or indecent topic, material, name or information;
  • Upload files containing software or any other material that is protected under the laws of intellectual property unless you control or own the rights or have obtained all the necessary consents;
  • upload/distribute files containing virus, corrupted files, and/or other similar programs or software that could damage the website’s operation or the operation of another’s computer;
  • Forward or conduct contests, surveys, chain letters or pyramid schemes;
  • Download a file that is posted by any Service user that you are aware, or should be reasonably aware, cannot be distributed legally in this manner;
  • Delete or falsify any authorship attribution, legal or any other proper notice or proprietary labels or designations that originate from the software, it also includes any other material that the uploaded file contains;
  • Violate any guideline or the codes of conduct, which could be applied for/to any specific Service;
  • Violate any of the applicable regulations or laws for the enforced time being whether you are outside or in India; and
  • Violate any term or condition of the Agreement or other Terms for the Website’s use that is enclosed elsewhere herein.

User Warranty and Representation:

The user has to guarantee, warrant and certify that you’re the content’s owner which is submitted by you or at least authorized to use it and that it does not breach intellectual property rights, property rights or any more rights of other people. You also warrant that no action, proceeding, investigation or suit has been threatened or instituted to your knowledge that is related to any material/content, including trade name, trademark, service mark or copyright that you currently or formerly used in connection to the Services provided by Hasthi’s website

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