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We are the industry leaders in leather footwear, accessories and travel bags for over 2 decades. We serve our customers online from this website and offline in our Shoes Mall at NH4, Kolhapur - Pune highway. Visit us next time you pass by!

Creation of the universe from nothing

        We read many great men and women in history who went from ordinary to extraordinary. heard We see a lot of people who have nothing and get everything through tireless efforts. The glory he created would not have been achieved with a pinch of salt. When we were children, a family from Vechle village came to live at Shendre Phata. Very poor Gujar family. His name is Sahebrao Gujar. They have three children. Two sons Sanjay and Dnyaneshwar and one daughter Jayashree. Since Sanjay was in my class, I used to come and go to his house. The house is made up of four shingle walls and a letter on top. There was no light in the house. Everyone called his father Dada. Dada had leg cancer. So one of his legs was removed from the knee. He used to walk on a hump. In the beginning, he used to sew torn and broken shoes. His wife used to sell vegetables in a small basket. In this way, the car of his family used to run. The Gram Panchayat had built some ganals for business on the rift. One part of it was taken by Dada on the basis of rent. The business started in Kudamedi’s house in the gale on Main Road. Dada was the master of shoe making. He started sewing Kolhapuri chappals. There was no such caste shop in Panchkroshi. So his name became worldly. In time, Dada had to remove the second leg from the knee, but his courage was the same as the first. He used a three-wheeled bicycle to come and go to the shop. Sanjay and Dnyaneshwar were very normal in school. After removing both his father’s legs, he focused on his business. During this period, Dada died of illness. The support of the family disappeared. Both Dnyaneshwar and Sanjay now focused fully on their business. By Dnyaneshwar Took over the shop. Sanjay expanded his mother’s vegetable business. He started the first vegetable cart at Shendre Phata. Here, Dnyaneshwar started his business at a very young age. Now some shoe sewing workers started working under him. This shop was famous as a famous Kolhapuri chappal shop. His elder brother Sanjay got married and got his first daughter Priyanka. It was at this time that Sanjay and Dnyaneshwar named their shop Priyanka Shoe Mart.

The name of this shop became known all over Maharashtra. Maher Ghar of Kolhapuri Chappal has become Priyanka Shoe Mart. Today, a grand Divya chappal mall by the name of Priyanka Shoe Mart is buzzing along the highway. Varieties of lakhs of boots, chappals can be seen here. Now their business is also running online. Today Priyanka Shoe Mart is dominant not only in Panchkroshi but all over Maharashtra. The daily turnover of this shop is a few lakhs. More than 150 workers are working in this place. Many star groups visit this place for shopping. Eat .Udayanraje likes to get his Kolhapuri chappals here. MLA Shivendrasinh Raje, MLA Balasaheb Patil, Shashikantji Shinde, Srinivasa Patil MP Saheb and many other politicians come here for shopping.

Many people from the cine world have bought here. Now the hotel business has started under this mall. Priyanka Restro


We convert your idea Into a reality.

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